It’s fun killing animals (the machine kind, not real ones)

Horizon Zero Dawn sets you in a post-apocalyptic world and in itself this is nothing new. The theme has been used ad nauseam by games and isn’t really unique in any shape or form. You might be thinking: “Hey, I’ve played Fallout 4. I’ve played The Last of Us. Why should I care”? Wrong! This game is something else.

As the reviewer at Polygon put it:

It is post-post-post-apocalypse.

Right. So you’re thousands of years in the future. There is no civilization any more as we know it. Only a small number of humans have survived the whatever-event-that-wiped-almost-everything-off and Aloy, the main character you control, is one of them. Using her bow and arrow she hunts for the machine animals that roam the wilderness. And what a gorgeous wilderness that is. I could just run around and watch the beautiful scenery all day long.

Combat is also nicely done. Larger robots require more effort (time and skill in equal measure) to kill (naturally). But as the game progresses, you learn new skills, improve existing ones and acquire more gadgets that ultimately are needed to finish off the biggest baddies. However, after advancing from one fight to the next one, I find myself still enjoying every minute of it. I don’t get bored. It doesn’t get mundane at all. I really do appreciate that.

Horizon Zero Dawn is a personal favorite of mine thus far in the year 2017. The game has received stellar reviews. No wonder, because it’s absolutely stunning, in both originality and in visual appeal. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should give it a go.

For some reason, it seems the US gamers are less fond of it than their European counterparts as sales have dropped for the former, but been consistently high for the latter. In any case, if you’re still in doubt, don’t be. You won’t be disappointed.

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